Imagine, when the storm hit your life, what’s the best thing you could do? (Go with the flow, don’t go against it)?

Imagine again, if you were the one who badly hit by the storms.

I could not imagine, how it feels like to strike and win the jackpot. Would that feeling turn ones to be so vulnerable and overwhelming? Would excitement and fear be in the experience too? Wouldn’t these make one's feel time passes so fast? On the other hand, how about not the jackpot that you win but the challenges and setbacks that were knocking on your life. How would one feel at that time? Would the feeling still be the same as winning the jackpot or differently?

How about this way, imagine you had just lost your job, and your boss simply said that you were an idiot. Your work did not satisfy the top management level. It was not like what they want. You had tried the best you could to meet their expectation and satisfaction. You did well actually, but it was just that you did it not at the right time. You have chosen the wrong boss to lead your work. The feeling of embarrassment hit straight to your head. You could feel your head spinning and swelling. “Arghhh…” this was the worst experience ever! The most terrible feeling that was going through your mind and hit your emotions to the maximum. Imagine again, how much effort and time were spent to deliver your responsibilities as an employee.  In fact, other subordinates in that organisation remarked you as a hard-working person. You have been working days and night, during the weekends to fulfill their expectations. Well, again, you are probably in the case of “a square peg in a round hole.”  What would you do if you were in this situation?

Imagine again; you are now, can be considered as a jobless or an active job seeker. You have been working so hard, seeking and hunting a new place to work. Suddenly, Bang!!!!, you were coming through the wrong situation again, no one could imagine that happen to you at the moment you were in a miserable situation. Your loved one fainted, and his/her head hard knocked against the wall. He/She was unconscious and in a coma. Your spouse’s officemate rushed him/her to the hospital. In the hospital, the paramedic could identify his/her life still in his/her body. At that moment, you could take a deep breath. The deeper you could do the more you feel relief. “Oh my God, why was all this happening to you at the same time?” An Eastern proverb is best to describe the situation, “you’ve fallen from the stairs, and those bloody stairs fell on top of you.” You felt doubly pain, bruises all over your body, but there was no blood coming out! Another scenario to describe this situation, it was just like, you were in a winter month, but it wasn’t snowy at all. You could feel the cold, stroke deep inside your bones because there was no heater to heat your body. Also, you could not play with the snowflakes because there was no snow.

Imagine again, you have to spend your days and nights in the hospital, looking after your spouse in the intensive care unit. You could hear the worst sound of machines in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a hospital. The sound that will haunt you for the rest of your life. You could not imagine, how much tears came out throughout the days and nights. GOD knows! Only God knows, the pain and sadness that you were experiencing at that moment. Imagine again, the obligation of putting down your signature as the hospital procedure would or wouldn’t at all to help your spouse to regain his/her conscious or bring him/her back, alive! What would you do in that situation?

Imagine, the days that you had been through nothing except you have been fed by all the eerie sound of life supporting machines the sound that the ICU staff tried to save the patients’ lives. All were heart-wrenching sound! In the ICU ward, your eyes could see the situation clearly that some of the patients lost their battle! You could see how the patients lied on the bed motionless after the ICU staff tried their best to save his/her lives. Imagine, if that would happen to your spouse. “Arghhhh...” Imagine, at that moment, you wanted to speak to someone, but you could not find anyone appeals to the context of that situation. What would you do then? Would you still be able to stand firm or both of your knees would kiss the earth? One thing for sure, you would feel devastated and demotivated about the situation.

Thank you for reading my writing. I am sure, if you read this piece of writing up to here, you would probably shut both of your eyes tight, and let your breathing flow deeper. You could say to yourself, "how grateful you were to have all your loved ones around you." The reason for this writing was just to arouse your mind to think deeper, what would you do if you were in that situations above. Well, that pieces of a short story were actually part of my personal experience which happened in 2016. At that time, my husband was defeated in the battle after some days in the ICU ward. Soon, I am ready to share the story with everyone. The story of how did I deal with all the challenges at that time with flying colors. Also, the grief and loss, rejection and many more experiences during that year.

Tell me how you feel about this piece of writing. How do you feel emotionally? Angry? Sad? Perhaps there was a moment that you can reflect on, that involved strong feelings of gratitude? Please send me your feedback to


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